Past Projects

Here we proudly present a selection of various past projects that we have realized in recent years. 

Subtitles in many languages: commercial tourism 

narrow alley of an old town

This commercial not only shows tourist attractions and beautiful pictures of the old town. It also features people, both local and foreign, describing what they like most about the city and what it means to them. Everyone speaks a different language, so easy-to-read subtitles are a must. Since the video appeals to an international clientele, subtitles were required in a variety of languages, including languages less common in Switzerland, e.g. Malay and Estonian. 

This commercial is available in a total of 15 different languages. You can watch it with all language options under this link

Subtitles and audio description: short film for an art exhibition 

artist sketching flowers with a pencil

This short documentary film was shown in an exhibition on the theme of representations of transience. The film ran continuously during opening hours and the visitors could set the language of the subtitles. The subtitles were translated in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. In addition, audio descriptions in German, French and English were implemented for this project. 

Under this link you will find an excerpt of the film with audio description in German. On request, the short film can be obtained via the linked museum website with all language options. 

Surtitles: translation of an opera 

opera stage with surtitles

Our area of expertise does not only include the subtitling of video material. We also offer surtitles for operas and stage plays. 

In 2018, this opera was played for three months in the Zurich Opera. The original language was French. To make the text and plot more accessible to both non-French speakers and opera novices, surtitles were written and translated into English and German and shown during the performance. 

Click here to see some extracts from the performance.  

Expertise in every subject: educational video 

forklift educational video subtitled

We are also experts in the field of subtitling and translating technical terminology.  

An overseas packaging company asked us to translate and subtitle a series of training videos on “Safe Machine Operation” for their new locations in Switzerland, Sweden and Thailand. Part of our assignment was to help the company with localization tasks. We could provide useful advice regarding the implementation and adaptation of training materials for specific countries 

Under this link you will find a trailer of the training series, which is available on the company’s website. 

If you are interested, you can request excerpts of various projects mentioned here to get an idea of our skills. Contact us via our contact form

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