About us


We create apt subtitles that are not distracting but support understanding to make content accessible to everyone.

Our mission

We make audiovisual content understandable for everyone. No matter what language, no matter whether visually or hearing impaired, everyone should have access. Our main focus is subtitling, but we also offer audio description and transcription (see services).

At Subtlety Subtitles, we are aware of the subtleties of language and different cultures and incorporate this knowledge into our work. When translating a video, we not only translate the content literally, but also transfer or explain relevant cultural references.

Subtle but not a minor matter!

Although subtitles are so important to us, we don’t put them in the spotlight. Our motto: subtle subtitles are good subtitles. They should not be disruptive, but support understanding. We therefore take great care to ensure reading comfort, filter out unimportant information and skillfully reformulate it.  

Our Team 

Four language students and a love of films – this is how our startup was born. The Audiovisual Translation module excited us all and inspired us to create subtitles ourselves. Thanks to our versatile language skills and our external employees, we can offer subtitles in several languages. We would be happy to advise you individually and also fulfill challenging or unusual orders. Feel free to contact us!